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I’m not sure why I read all of the chapters in the text books.  OBC1 has 26 chapters of required reading over two textbooks.  I read about half of them when I took the pre-assessment.  I scored an 88.  I read the other half and took the real assessment.  I scored an 84.  Still passing, but I know that all of that reading confused me.  I second guessed myself all over the place.

I think that this class will be hard for someone who hasn’t taken business classes in the past, or who hasn’t worked in business before.  For me, it was very familar and I think I could have done much better if I didn’t think that the assessment questions were designed to deceive and confuse.  Which they obviously were.  My advice is to read each question carefully and pick the MOST correct response.  Also, you can probably save some reading time by just reviewing and memorizing the “pictures” in the books, reading the real world examples and the research findings.  Also, don’t forget to read all of the extra PDF files that the course mentor has posted in the community.  That’s probably enough to get you a passing grade.

To be fair, though, I was able to relate to many of the covered topics and I found a lot of the content of these books very interesting.  All in all I sort of enjoyed this class.


This course had a ton of reading.  Fortunately I was able to download the book and use my Nook to read it.  Unfortunately, the book has a ton of web links that my Nook was unable to view.  I do prefer to read on my Nook, though.

After reading the book I took the preassessment and scored an 87.  So . . . I pretty much didn’t do anything until yesterday when I clicked on some of the links in the text book.  To be honest, I think if you study the pre-assessment questions, and then read the articles in the vocabulary worksheet which can be downloaded from the community, you probably don’t even have to read the book.  You will have to read the two additional text book excerpts that are linked to at the end of each chapter (WGU Library e-reserves).  These three things will prepare you for the assessment (Pre-assessment, two books from e-reserves, and the vocabulary handout).  You’ll have to use the book to find some of the correct answers to the pre-assessment, but I don’t think you’ll have to read the whole book.  I did, but it was probably not necessary.

Oh, the WebAssessor software was updated recently.  I uninstalled the old and installed the new, and surprise  . . . it didn’t work.  I was very annoyed at first, but then I decided to use the “Chat” feature for support.  The support person reset everything and “Voila” it was working.  It was a fairly quick and easy fix, but the whole process to log in to the webassessor software still took longer than the actual test took.  I passed MKC1 with another 87, and it only took about 25 minutes.

On to OBC1.