DPA 780/781 Comprehensive Experience

DPA 780 and DPA 781 are basically two parts of the same class.  During the first six weeks of DPA 780, the student builds a dissertation prospectus.  In week 7, the prospectus is combined with a PowerPoint presentation which is intended to be presented in week 8, which is the residency week, called DPA 781. … Read More »

DPA 765 Qualitative Analysis

DPA 765 Qualitative Analysis was everything DPA 760 should have been. Whereas DPA 760 was littered with busy work, the only thing in DPA 765 that I would even remotely construe as busy work was the concept map we had to develop in week 6. The difference between creating a concept map and integrating metaphors… Read More »

The Second Residency

Has it been a year already? There are three residencies scheduled for the CBU Doctor of Public Administration program. The first was held last year at about this time. You can read about my experiences here and here. The second was held last week, January 11th – January 14th. Before I go into this years… Read More »

DPA 750 Public Policy, Advocacy and Economics

Although DPA 740 was the class on Collaboration, DPA 750 had many more collaborative aspects to it. DPA 750 is the sixth class in CBU’s DPA program. Like most of the DPA classes, each week of the DPA 750 class built upon the prior week. In the first week the students were required to form… Read More »

DPA 740 Collaboration

DPA 740 is the fifth class in CBU’s DPA program. The class is all about collaboration. I was all set to moan and groan about group projects, but gratefully, that won’t be necessary. Although we did have to complete a group project, it wasn’t really bad at all. Here’s why: This wasn’t really a class… Read More »

DPA 730 Performance Management

DPA 730 is the fourth class in CBU’s Doctorate of Public Administration program.  It is an HR class, but HR doesn’t stand for Human Resources, it stands for Human Capital.  Go figure.  Required books for this class were a Human Resource Management text (I guess they didn’t get the memo re. Human Capital) and a… Read More »

DPA 725 Strategic Management

To begin with, I received an “A” in my ethics course.  I find that odd, since I don’t feel like I did “A” work.  I’ve noticed though, that sometimes I do better work when I don’t have high expectations of the outcomes.  That’s also odd. DPA 725 didn’t feel like a class for Public Administration. … Read More »

DPA 720 Ethics

DPA 720 is an Ethics course which focuses on different philosophers and their theories.  Required reading was from Reinhold Niebuhr and Simon Blackburn.  Each week the student was required to write a journal entry about a particular issue and either make a post on the discussion board or analyze a case study.  There was also… Read More »